shared: Boolean

In a Multi-Series or a Combination Chart, it is often required to display all values common to x value in a single bubble. Setting shared to true will show in a common bubble all the values of y from each series next to their name.

Default: false
Example: true, false

  • In a smaller device/ touchscreen devices, it is advised to show shared Tool Tip.

var  chart =  new  CanvasJS.Chart("container",
   shared: true,

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Comments 9

  1. Is possible to show in the shared toolTip just some dataSeries?
    Using something like a showInToolTip property for example.

  2. How do I get the x axis label (the date in my case) to show as the title of the tooltip? Setting the label changes the X axis labels, not the title of the tooltip

    • Ed,

      In the above example you can see that label is being displayed as x-axis label and is also visible inside the toolTip. Can you please describe the issue you are facing in more detail? If you can create a jsfiddle that would also help in understanding the problem.

    • This is a regression bug and we’ve fixed the same. Will be releasing the same in the next release.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our forums. Ask Question