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    First of all, thanks for choosing CanvasJS Charts!

    If you have any queries regarding the Charts, feel free to post your questions here and we’ll surely help you with that. Whenever we get a query, we strive to give solutions at the earliest. In order to help us in understanding the issue, please follow below guideline.

    Have a reproducible demo of your chart.

    This one step can assure you a speedy response. Fork out our template jsfiddle and reproduce the chart at your end. Try to keep it to the bare minimum by removing unnecessary code.

    From what we have observed, sometimes things get delayed mostly when we are not able to reproduce the issue or not able to understand the exact requirements.

    Having a jsfiddle helps us in figuring out the issue and many a times we can just edit your code on jsfiddle to fix the issue right-away.

    Sunil Urs

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