What you should know?

You just need to have basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML. Basics of CanvasJS Charts will be useful. You can go through Chart Introduction and Getting Started sections for the same.

What is CanvasJS StockCharts?

CanvasJS StockChart is an Advanced version of our Charting Library with various features like Navigator, Range Selector, etc. It runs across devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface, Desktops, etc. This allows you to create Rich Dashboards that work across devices without compromising on Maintainability or Functionality.

Why CanvasJS StockCharts?

In one line, CanvasJS StockCharts is the best performing StockChart library in the market. It can render responsive charts even with millions on datapoints, across devices.

StockCharts are built on top of our Charts API. Hence, all the features of Charts are still available in StockCharts. It is also optimized for both touch and mouse interactions.

How to best read this documentation

This Documentation is divided into following three parts.

    1. Intro

      It gives a basic introduction that you should know before Getting Started with the Tutorial.

    2. Getting Started

      A step by step guide on how to create a StockChart and Customize it. In each section an element of StockChart or a concept is elaborated. In case you have anything to add to it, or ask a question, feel free to do the same.

    3. Stock Chart Options

      StockChart API reference

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our forums.Ask Question