Overview – Displaying & Customizing Chart Title

A Chart Title usually appears above the main Plot Area and provides a succinct description of the chart. Title object provides attributes which help in setting content, appearance and position of the chart title.

CanvasJS javascript chart title


A Charts Title is used to describe the chart.

var  chart =  new  CanvasJS.Chart("container",
     text: "Chart Title"
    // more attributes 

Creating a Basic Title

The most important title attribute is text. Any text can be added to the Chart’s Title using this attribute.
In the following example we have a title object with a simple text attribute.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

Styling Our Title

There are number of attributes we can set inside title object and Style it the way we want to. Table below lists some of the styling attributes.

Attribute Type Default Options/Examples
backgroundColor string null “red”, “yellow” , “#FF0000” ..
borderColor string “black” “red”, “yellow” ,”#FF0000″ ..
borderThickness number 0 2,6 ..
cornerRadius Number 0 5,8, ..
fontColor string “black” “red”, “yellow” ,”#FF0000″ ..
fontFamily string “calibri” “arial” , “tahoma”, “verdana” ..
fontSize number 20 25, 30 ..
fontStyle string ““normal”” “normal”,“italic”, “oblique”
fontWeight string “normal” “lighter”, “normal, “bold”, “bolder”
margin number 5 10, 12 ..
padding number 0 5, 8 ..
wrap Boolean true true, false
maxWidth Number Automatically calculated based on the chart size. 200, 400 etc.
dockInsidePlotArea Boolean false true, false
Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

Title Alignment

Title can be positioned in 9 different places by combining verticalAlign and horizontalAlign properties. Below is a table showing various combinations.

Options horizontalAlign verticalAlign
1 left top
2 left center
3 left bottom
4 center top
5 center center
6 center bottom
7 right top
8 right center
9 right bottom

You can try out all the combinations below.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

Finishing it up

Combining all the Title attributes can yield a beautiful title. Put on your artistic caps and come up with your own styles.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

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Comments 12

  1. Could you think of any way to display a subtitle under the title?
    With a different font-size, of course.

  2. Can be use Title with Variable
    for example, i have some value that POST from another php page
    Is that can ne
    title =

        • Can you please provide a simple example of how to echo a php variable for a chart title? It shows the php code as a literal string. CanvasJS is awesome and everyday I learn some new trick that makes it better and better!

          • Here is an example for your query.
            var chart = new CanvasJS.Chart(“chartContainer”, {
            //text: “Basic Column Chart – CanvasJS”
            text: “
            data: [
            type: “column”,
            dataPoints: [
            { label: “apple”, y: 10 },
            { label: “orange”, y: 15 },
            { label: “banana”, y: 25 },
            { label: “mango”, y: 30 },
            { label: “grape”, y: 28 }

  3. How can I change the title at run time, for example: chart.title.text = “Loading….”; I am getting an error message that the title is undefined.

  4. hassan,

    You should be updating title via the options object that was initially passed to the constructor. Please try chart.options.title.text = “Loading…” and call chart.render() after that.

    • Sorry Jason, formatting a portion of axis title is not available as of now.

      We accept uni-code character in a string. So, using \u00B2 (uni-code of superscript 2) you will be able to show 2 as superscript in title.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our forums. Ask Question