legendMarkerBorderColor: String

Sets the border color around legend marker. Value of legendMarkerBorderColor can be “color names” or “hex code” . This property works only with Pie and Doughnut charts. If not set, takes the value from dataSeries’ legendMarkerBorderColor if present.

Default: dataSeries marker color
Example: “red”, “#008000”..

  • There is no border in Legend Marker Type “cross”, hence legendMarkerBorderColor doesn’t apply when legendMarkerType is “cross”

var  chart =  new  CanvasJS.Chart("container",
  data:[ {
   legendMarkerBorderThickness: 2,
   dataPoints: [
    {x: 10 , y: 50 , legendText: "Apple", legendMarkerBorderColor: "green"},



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