set(String propertyName, Mixed value [,Boolean updateStockChart = true])

Sets the value of specified property of buttons.

        propertyName: Name of the property.
        value: Value to be set on property
        updateStockChart: When true, updates the StockChart after setting the value. Default value is true.

Example: stockChart.rangeSelector.buttons.set(“range”, 5, true);

  • You can refer to Buttons Element for complete list of properties available.
  • StockChart should be rendered before you can use set method.
  • By default StockChart gets updated / re-rendered, whenever set method is called. If you have multiple properties, it is recommended to disable auto update by setting updateStockChart to false till the last step. Otherwise, the performance might be affected because of rendering StockChart repeatedly. You can see the example below.

var stockChart = new CanvasJS.StockChart("container",
   buttons: [
      //Buttons properties

stockChart.rangeSelector.buttons.set("range", 6, false);
stockChart.rangeSelector.buttons.set("rangeSelector", "month", true);

Properties accessible via set method

Please refer to Buttons Element for the complete list of properties that can be accessed via this method.

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