CanvasJS JavaScript Charts – Performance Demo

With 100,000 Data Points

CanvasJS is a JavaScript Charting Library built from ground up for High Performance and ease of use. It is built using Canvas element & can render thousands of Data Points in a matter of milliseconds. That equates to over 10X better performance than traditional SVG & Flash based JavaScript Charts. CanvasJS is also interactive and can be updated dynamically.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Below is a demo of a fully-featured line Chart that renders 100,000 data points. Give it a shot!

Simple API

CanvasJS is not just High Performing, it is also dead simple to use. We have made every effort to keep the API simple and intuitive. You can in fact learn the most important concepts of CanvasJS in next 10 minutes.

We have created an interactive tutorial where you can learn the basics of creating graphs and also write code. Give it a shot – it just takes few minutes and doesn’t require you to download or fire up an editor!

Though we have put a lot of effort in creating documentation/tutorials, there is always room for improvement. In case you have any suggestions, feel free to comment on any of the pages. We go through every comment that we receive.