jQuery Charts Plugin

CanvasJS comes with a jQuery Charting Plugin that lets you add interactive charts & graphs to your web page and integrates easily with Bootstrap and other popular frameworks. If you are someone who uses jQuery extensively, you should feel right at home with this plugin. You have access to all the features present in standalone version including dynamic updates, events, zooming, panning, exporting as image, etc. CanvasJS supports 24 different types of Charts including line, column, bar, stacked, pie, doughnut, etc. Charts are also high performing, which allows you to plot tens of thousands of data points without any lag. Checkout the examples below which demonstrate some of the charting features available in the plugin including jQuery UI integration. All examples include source code which can be modified in-browser.

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  • Easy to integrate charts into your web page

    This jQuery Charting plugin comes with a very simple API that lets you add charts into your web page within minutes. Do checkout the source code included.
  • HTML5 bar chart
  • JavaScript bar chart
  • Features: Zooming, Panning, Export as image and more

    CanvasJS Charts come with lot of in-built features including zooming, panning, export as image, etc. which are well documented and can easily be enabled. Do checkout the source code included in each of the examples below.
  • HTML5 Stacked bar chart
  • JavaScript stacked bar chart
  • jQuery UI Integration

    Charts can be integrated easily with other jQuery UI elements like Dialog, Tabs, Accordion, etc. Below are some of the examples for the same.
  • HTML5 stacked bar 100
  • JavaScript stacked bar 100 percent