Overview – Displaying and Customizing StockChart Title

A StockChart title usually appears at the top and provides a concise description of the StockChart.

CanvasJS JavaScript StockChart Title


Below is the syntax of a title.

var stockChart = new CanvasJS.StockChart("container",
 title: {
    text: "StockChart Title"

Creating a Basic Title

The most important title attribute is text. In the following example we have a title object with a simple text attribute.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

Styling the Title

There are a number of attributes you can set inside title object and Style it the way you want. Table below lists some of the styling attributes.

Applies To Attribute Type Default Options/Examples
title backgroundColor string “transparent” “red”, “rgb(255,0,0)”, “#dedede”…
title borderColor string “black” “red”, “rgb(255,0,0)”, “#dedede”…
title borderThickness number 0 2,4…
title cornerRadius Number 0 2,4,…
title fontColor string “#3A3A3A” “red”, “rgb(255,0,0)”, “#dedede”…
title fontFamily string “calibri” “arial” , “tahoma”, “verdana” ..
title fontSize number Auto Calculated 25, 30 ..
title fontStyle string ““normal”” “normal”,“italic”, “oblique”
title fontWeight string “normal” “lighter”, “normal, “bold”, “bolder”
title margin number 5 10, 12…
title padding number 0 1, 3…
title text String null “StockChart Title”
title wrap Boolean true true, false
title maxWidth Number Automatically calculated based on the chart size. 200, 400 etc.

Here is an example which shows how to style title.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

Title Alignment

Title can be positioned in 8 different places by combining verticalAlign and horizontalAlign properties. Below is a table showing various combinations.

Options horizontalAlign verticalAlign
1 left top
2 left center
3 left bottom
4 center top
5 center bottom
6 right top
7 right center
8 right bottom

You can try out all the combinations in the below example.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

Finishing it up

By using the appropriate title attributes, you can match title appearance with your page/application theme. Try using the attributes and come up with your own styles.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

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