This section is regarding Methods and Properties available in StockChart Navigator element.

Examples :
    stockChart.navigator.set(“enabled”, false);

  • You can refer to Navigator Element for complete list of properties available.
  • StockChart should be rendered before you can access navigator & its methods / properties.

Methods in Navigator

Method Description Example
get(String propertyName) Returns the specified property of navigator. stockChart.navigator.get(“verticalAlign”)
set(String propertyName, Mixed value [,Boolean updateChart = true]) Sets the specified property of navigator & optionally updates (default) the StockChart. stockChart.navigator.set(“verticalAlign”, “top”)
addTo(String arrayName, Object options [, Number index = array.length]) Adds a new element of given type to the specified array. stockChart.navigator.addTo(“data”, {dataPoint: []})

Read-Only Navigator Properties:

Can be accessed via get method or dot notation.

Property Description Example
bounds Bounding rectangle of navigator: {x1, x2, y1, y2} stockChart.navigator.bounds / stockChart.navigator.get(“bounds”)

Writable Properties in Navigator:

All Navigator options become available as properties after StockChart Render. You can access them either via get method or dot notation. But you can change / set those values only via set method.

Please refer to Navigator Element for complete list of properties available.

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