formatDate(date/timestamp [, formatString] [, culture])

Formats date/timestamp according to the given formatString(optional) & culture(optional). Default formatString is “DD MMM YYYY” & default culture is “en”.

  • This is a static function under CanvasJS namespace and hence it can be used directly without instantiating a chart. Hence you can also use it outside the chart too for formatting date.
  • Can be very useful inside Custom Formatter Functions

//Using CanvasJS.formatDate.
var  chart =  new  CanvasJS.Chart("container",
		text: "Sales data for " + CanvasJS.formatDate(new Date(2012, 06, 13)) //gets formatted as 13 Jul 2012

To know more about date format string , please refer to this section.

To know more about adding custom culture, info please refer to this section

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