indexLabelFormatter: Function

A custom formatter function which returns the text to be displayed as indexLabel on dataPoints.

  • indexLabelFormatter overrides indexLabel property.
  • indexLabel & indexLabelFormatter on dataPoints override corresponding properties in dataSeries.

var  chart =  new  CanvasJS.Chart("container",
        indexLabelFormatter: function ( e ) {
               return "Custom IndexLabel"  + e.dataPoint.label;  

  • By using indexLabelFormatter, you can return any value to be displayed as indexLabel.
    Below is the structure of object passed as parameter to the function
    e: { // parameter sent to function
           index,        // Available only in range charts
           total,        // Available only in stacked, pie and doughnut charts
           percent,      // Available only in stacked, pie and doughnut charts
  • index parameter is available only in case of range charts. It is undefined in case of other chart types.

Try it Yourself by Editing the Code below.

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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to use html? For example, I would like to make kg bold:

    indexLabelFormatter: function(e){
    return e.dataPoint.label + ” ” + e.dataPoint.y + ” ” + “kg” ;

    What would I really like is to add padding to indexLabel. Here is my code:

    type: “line”,
    markerType: “square”,
    markerColor: “#f49124”,
    markerBorderColor: “#000”,
    xValueType: “number”,
    yValueType: “number”,
    yValueFormatString: “#,###”,
    indexLabel: “{c}”,
    indexLabelBackgroundColor: “#f49124”,
    indexLabelFontColor: “#fff”,
    indexLabelFontSize: 18,
    indexLabelLineThickness: 2,
    indexLabelLineColor: “transparent”,
    indexLabelPlacement: “outside”,
    indexLabelFontWeight: “bold”,

    IndexLabel has no padding and it is stacked to top left

    Thanks for suggestions.