Downloading CanvasJS

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You are downloading the latest stable version (1.9.10) of CanvasJS Charts which also includes Beta-2 Preview of v2.0 along with JavaScript / HTML Samples which you can run locally.

Please note that Website and all examples on the website are running on Beta-2 Preview of CanvasJS v2.0.

If your download hasn’t started, please download from below:

v1.9.10 GA (latest stable release) – includes v2.0 Beta-2 as well

Tutorials & Samples

Tutorials / Samples Downloads
Getting Started (takes less than 5 minutes) Tutorial includes in-page samples
Integrating with ASP.NET MVC Download ASP.NET Samples
Coming Soon – Integrating with PHP Download PHP Samples
Coming Soon – Integrating with JSP Download JSP Samples
Coming Soon – Integrating with Spring MVC Download Spring MVC Samples
Dashboard Samples Download Dashboard Samples


Approx one to two per month