CanvasJS 1.8.0 Beta 5 released with some major bug fixes

Here is CanvasJS 1.8.0 Beta 5 with some major bug fixes. If you are testing with beta 4, we highly recommend that you upgrade to this version. Below is a summary of this release.

Setting Column Chart Width

Bug Fixes

  1. Setting indexLabelLineThickness to 0 was not removing the index line.
  2. margin property was not getting applied to axisY2
  3. dataPoint color was not being applied to toolTip entries – regression bug.
  4. StripLine, Axis and Grid’s dashStyle was getting applied to border of candlestick chart
  5. Images were not getting exported to JPG format properly on MacOS and Ubuntu
  6. Click event was getting fired outside the plotArea if any column is clipped by plotArea
  7. DataPoints in scatter and bubble charts were being placed at wrong location if dataPoints didn’t have x value defined.

Do check out the current version and let us know your feedback. In case you find any bugs, please report it in our forum.

Thank You,
Sunil Urs
Team CanvasJS