CanvasJS Charts 1.8.0 Beta 4 Released with dataPointMinWidth and dataPointMaxWidth

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Today we are releasing 1.8.0 Beta 4 with several bug fixes and two new features. Below is a summary of this release.

Setting Column Chart Width

New Features

  1. dataPointMinWidthwhich allows you to set minimum limit on dataPoint’s width in column, bar, ohlc and candlestick charts
  2. dataPointWidth which allows you to fix dataPoint’s width in column, bar, ohlc and candlestick charts

Bug Fixes

  1. fontColor property of toolTip was not getting applied to “x” value when content is automatically determined
  2. ToolTip was not showing up in stackedColumn100 chart in some cases
  3. Setting viewportMinimum and viewportMaximum to null was not resetting the zoom level sometimes.

Comments 2

  1. Hi there,
    Could there be a minimum length for the sake of visibility?
    I am currently working on the rangeBar chart and sometimes data ranges are too close and not enough to see.
    I use little hack but there is a problem of tooltip and magnifier to fix accordingly.
    Please let me know if minimum length is possible. So the tooltip and other stuff do not have to be hacked.

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