Its been around 6 weeks since we released CanvasJS Charts and the response has been great. After ironing out most of the bugs, we are finally launching the GA version today.

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In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info[at]canvasjs[dot]com.

Here are the changes that we have done in GA

Bug Fixes:

  1. If toolTip object’s content was a function, it was overriding dataSeries and dataPoint’s toolTipContent property which was not the expected behavior. Now toolTipContent property defined at dataPoint overrides one at dataSeries and dataSeries property overrides toolTip object’s content property.
  2. toolTip object’s content was not being considered if it was a string – while it should. You can also use keywords inside toolTip
  3. While animating Pie/Doughnut, plot area was getting painted in white instead of taking backgroundColor. This caused problem when user had explicitly set backgroundColor

  4. Empty dataPoint was resulting in error in case of combination charts.

Improvements, New features & other Changes:

  1. Now you can add custom colorSet
  2. Select between available colorSets.
  3. Improved Pie & Doughnut labelling
  4. Moved theme1 to theme3 and added its variant (without bevel and minor changes) as theme1


We hope that you are finding CanvasJS useful. In case you have any feedback or question, please leave a comment.
Thank You,
Team CanvasJS

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