Today we are releasing the first beta version of CanvasJS, an easy to use HTML5 & JavaScript Charting library that works across devices.  With CanvasJS you can create rich dashboards that work on all the modern devices like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, Desktops & Tablets.

In this first version CanvasJS supports 14 types of Charts including Line Chart, Area Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart. In the upcoming versions we are going add more of them. Below is a complete list charts that are currently supported

  1. Line Chart
  2. Area Chart
  3. Column Chart
  4. Bar Chart
  5. Bubble Chart
  6. Doughnut Chart
  7. Pie Chart
  8. Scatter Chart (Point Chart)
  9. Stacked Area
  10. Stacked Area 100%
  11. Stacked Bar
  12. Stacked Bar 100%
  13. Stacked Column
  14. Stacked Column 100%

CanvasJS strikes a balance between Ease of Use, Looks, Customizability and Performance.

Ease of Use

The library has been designed to be very simple to use. You can get a high level view of CanvasJS API less than a minute. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just checkout the interactive sample below.


CanvasJS comes bundled with beautiful themes which you can choose from. The first version include two themes – theme1 & theme2. You can tryout the same in the above editor. We’ll be adding more themes in future.


CanvasJS has an extensive API that lets you customize the charts according to your needs. We have a really good documentation that lets you learn and try out the API from the same page without leaving the browser! Learn the basics of CanvasJS from our Getting  Started Page.


CanvasJS exploits the power of HTML5 to deliver high performance for your charting needs. It is over 10x faster than the conventional SVG and Flash Charts – which means more responsive dashboards. Checkout our performance demo.


CanvasJS is free for non-commercial use and is paid for commercial purposes.


As part of our first release, we are giving 50% discount to all our early adopters. Just subscribe here and get a discount coupon as soon as we come out of beta!

Though we have made all the effort to make your experience as smooth as possible, you might come across some bugs in this first beta. So Please be kind enough to report the bugs.

You can download the library from our download page

Thank you,
Team CanvasJS