CanvasJS Version 1.0.1 GA

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Version 1.0.1 GA is now available for download. Some of the highlights of this release are.

Bug Fixes:

  • ToolTip was not updating if underlying data changed dynamically.
  • It was not possible to click hyperlinks inside ToolTip in chrome and firefox.

New on Website:

  • In the gallery, we have a dedicated page showcasing dynamic charts.
  • We are starting a new Section in Documentation called How to Samples. This section will include samples for common use cases. We will keep adding new samples to this section based on user request. You can check out the sample on Creating dynamic charts


Download the latest release here.


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Team CanvasJS

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  1. Hi Sanjay,

    CanvasJS is free for non-commercial / personal use. If you are using it for commercial purposes or your company is a commercial entity, you would require a SaaS/OEM or Internal Apps license based on your requirements, independent of the version of CanvasJS you are using,

    For more info: please contact

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