JavaScript Candlestick Charts

Candlestick chart forms a column with vertical line to represent open, high, low and closing values of a data point. Candlestick provides a visual support for making decisions in case of Stock, foreign exchange, commodity etc. CanvasJS Candle Stick charts are beautiful , interactive and based on HTML5 & JavaScript. Below are some of the examples for Candlestick Charts with their source code.

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  • Customizability

    In Candlestick chart when Closing price is greater than Opening price, the body is filled with white by default. But you can also customize the color for increase in price by using risingColor property of dataSeries. You can selectively zoom & pan into a certain region to get a better picture when there are large number of data points.
  • HTML5 candlestick chart
  • JavaScript Candlestick Chart
  • Single and Multi Series Candlestick Charts

    Like other charts, candlestick can also have one or more dataSeries, each series is automatically assigned a color based on the selected theme. You can also customize the same by overriding color property of any series or data point.
  • html5 Candle Stick chart
  • JavaScript Multi-Series candle stick chart