HTML5 & JavaScript Area Charts

Area charts are based on line charts. But it shades the area that it covers with color. This allows you visualize cumulative value over a period of time or range. Below are live examples of HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript based Area Charts and two of its variants - Stacked Area and Stacked Area 100%. Similar to Line Charts, Area Charts are optimized for performance and also support zooming and panning. Examples include source code for all the graphs.

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  • Single Series and Multi Series Area Charts

    With CanvasJS you can create both single and multi-series area charts. Area Charts are useful when you are interested in cumulative totals over a period of time or range of values. When there are multiple series, each series is assigned a color automatically – but it can also be customized.
  • javascript single series Area chart
  • html5 multiseries area chart
  • Stacked Area Charts

    Like in case of Stacked Column, Stacked Area is formed by stacking multiple data-series one on top of the other. This is useful when you want to compare contribution of two or more area series to the total.
  • javascript stacked area chart
  • html5 stacked area chart
  • Stacked Area 100%

    Stacked Area 100% is similar to “Stacked Area” except that areas are rendered as a percentage of total value at any given point.
  • HTML5 Stacked Area 100% chart
  • JavaScript Stacked Area 100% chart