HTML5 & JavaScript Doughnut Charts

CanvasJS Doughnut Charts are similar to pie charts except for a blank center. Doughnut is also referred to as donut charts - we use the former. CanvasJS Doughnut charts are beautiful, interactive and are based on HTML5 & JavaScript. Doughnut charts are useful when you want to visually compare contribution of various items to the whole. Examples include source code for all the graphs.

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  • Animation and Customizability

    CanvasJS Doughnut Chart renders itself with a beautiful animation. You customize various properties like color of individual slices, label content and its position, starting angle, etc.
  • html5 doughnut chart
  • JavaScript Donut Chart
  • Interactivity

    CanvasJS Doughnut Charts are interactive and animated. Upon hovering on a slice, it becomes lighter in color in order to differentiate itself from the rest. On clicking on the slice, it explodes / implodes based on the current state.
  • JavaScript doughnut chart