Today CanvasJS Charts v1.3 is going GA with some major improvements to pie labelling. We have also added one new chart type (stepArea) which takes the total number of supported chart types to 18. Now CanvasJS also supports deferred setting of chart options which is explained in the section “alternate way of setting / updating data“. Below is a Gist of version 1.3 GA

HTML5 JavaScript Step Area Chart


  1. Improved Labelling in Pie Chart
  2. Implemented stepArea Chart Type
  3. Alternate way of setting data / options
  4. Label Wrapping on Axis
  5. Automatically setting the indexLabelFontSize based on chart size
  6. Improved Markers
  7. Hiding Pan/Reset buttons after resetting
  8. Improved support for IE8-

New Properties

  1. yValueFormatString in dataSeries – set format string in tooltip for y.
  2. xValueFormatString in dataSeries – set format string in tooltip for x.
  3. indexLabelMaxWidth (pixels) in dataSeries – supported in pie and doughnut charts
  4. indexLabelWrap (true/false) in dataSeries – supported in pie and doughnut charts
  5. labelAutoFit (true/false) in axisX, axisY & axisY2 – automatically wraps the labels when they are too long
  6. labelMaxWidth (pixels) in axisX, axisY & axisY2 – sets maximum width of labels
  7. labelWrap (true/false) in axisX, axisY & axisY2 – whether to wrap labels when they are longer than labelMaxWidth or to just clip.

Bug Fixes

  1. Rendering multiple Pie Charts had a problem
  2. Axis Labels were getting clipped at the bottom with few Google Custom Fonts
  3. In case of combination charts ToolTip was not being shown for chart that are in the background
  4. In case of multiseries column charts if one series had more than one data point and another had only one, then chart was not getting rendered properly.
  5. Line, Bubble and Scatter used to threw exception when dataPoints are not assigned (null) before calling render method.
  6. Text Width/Height was not being calculated properly for few fonts in IE8-
  7. Lines with 1px thickness were not crisp – in case of Grids & Axis lines

Please download the GA from the download page and let us know your feedback. Please report any bugs in the forum.

Finally I would like to thank all our users who gave their valuable feedback & reported bugs.

Thank You
Sunil Urs