We are releasing v1.5 with several bug fixes and enhancements. Overall v1.5 comes with some of the most requested features like Export features and financial charts. Below is the summary of improvements and bug fixes that we have done from v1.5 beta to v1.5 GA. You can read more about the features introduced in v1.5 in its beta release blog.

JavaScript Range Bar Chart with indexLabels

Release Summary:

New Features & Enhancements

  1. Chart Reference has been added in legend, dataSeries & dataPoint event object/parameter
  2. Now you can disable toolTip for individual dataPoint/dataSeries by setting toolTipContent to null. Earlier it was only possible to disable or enable it entirely
  3. ToolTip used to go outside of chart area because of which it used to get clipped when chart container had overflow css property set to hidden. Now the toolTip tries to stay within the chart’s area as long as there is enough space.

Bug Fixes

  1. Labels provided inside of dataPoint were not appearing on the axis if it was a dataTime axis (x is of date type)
  2. Legend was not rendering properly when a combination chart is drawn with line chart at the end

New Properties & Keywords

  1. zValueFormatString in dataSeries and dataPoint – useful in case of bubble charts
  2. exportFileName at the top level of options that allows you to override default file name while exporting the chart as image
  3. Special Keywords: #index, #total & #percent