Version 1.2 Supports Localization of Charts

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From version 1.2 onwards you’ll be able to localize your charts based on the language, number formatting style, etc. One important feature is that you can now specify the decimalSeparator & digitGroupSeparator (also called as thousand separator). Below is the summary of this release with relevant links.

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Legend was too close to the border of chart in few cases
  • In case of Pie/Doughnut, if shared property of toolTip was set to true, it would throw exception on mouse over.
  • Background Color was not getting set properly in Pie Chart
  • Pie Chart explode on click was not working if the last dataPoint’s y value was 0.
  • Default valueFormatString for milliseconds was ‘f’ while it should have been be ‘fff’
  • While dragging, click event used to fire if the mouse button was relesed over a dataPoint/dataSeries.
  • In some cases Grids at the end were getting partially getting clipped.


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