Today we are releasing GA with a new feature and few bug fixes. Below is a summary of the release.

CanvasJS Chart - stackedArea100

New Features

  1. destroy method has been added which allows you to clear the memory allocated for charts in the browser.


Bug Fix:

  1. indexLabels were not positioned correctly in stackedArea100 charts.
  2. In case of multiple x-axes, first axis length was slightly bigger than the others.
  3. Texts like title, indexLabel, label, etc. in chart were still visible, when fontSize was set to zero.
  4. When combining single y value chart with another chart containing array of y values, the content of toolTip was not proper.
  5. markerColor highlighting was not proper when color / markerColor was set for the last dataPoint.
  6. Chart was throwing error when indexLabelBackgroundColor was set along with animationEnabled set to true.
  7. In few cases where null values were used in dataPoints, the viewport calculation was not proper.


Do download the latest version from our download page and let us know your feedback.

Thank You,
Bivek Singh,
Team CanvasJS