Today version 1.4 is coming out of beta with several bug fixes and enhancements. Below is a summary of this release.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue in Area & StepArea where it used to throw exception where there are no dataPoint inside plotArea – mainly effected while zooming into null area
  2. In Pie / Doughnut Charts Labels were getting skipped unnecessarily in few cases
  3. Columns were not fitting inside the chart when there were more than 8-10 series each with single data point
  4. When all z values were equal in case of Bubble chart, they were getting rendered as tiny dots instead of having some default size.
  5. Decimal Separator was getting added when a string literal is added after decimal even if there is no number after the decimal point.
  6. When using touch based devices, it was not possible to scroll down the webpage by dragging over the chart because chart used to swallow the events.
  7. If render method was called again before the animation is over, existing animation was not stopping.
  8. If first data Point was empty, then it would create a box around the plot area in case of line type of charts
  9. Fixed and issue because of which includeZero (false) was not working when there are empty dataPoints

Null Data Points
Null Data Points

Enhancements & Behavioral Changes:

  1. Implemented interactivityEnabled property under chart which disabled all chart interactivity including mouse and touch.
  2. Calling render method readjusts the width and height of the chart if its container’s size has changed.
  3. Now all chart properties can be updated dynamically.
  4. White Borders around Pie/Doughnut slices have been removed

For more information please refer to the 1.4 Beta Release blog.