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    If y-value is zero, when you mouse-hover the axisX line at the corresponding x-value toolTip will be shown. Check the screenshot below. If the y-value (zero) is not present in first dataSeries, you can set toolTip.shared to true to show the zero value in toolTip.

    toolTip shown for y-vlaue zero

    If this doesn’t solve your requirement, kindly create a jsfiddle, so that we can look into your requirement properly and help you out.

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    You can use stripLines to achieve this. Check this example.

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    Its not bug, we observed that the x-value you are providing is not in JavaScript Date-Time string format. Please refer to this link for JavaScript Date-Time String Formats. And here is the working fiddle.

    Check the screenshots of working fiddle browsed in IE and Firefox.

    Line Chart With Date Time Axis (IE)
    Line Chart with Date Time Axis (Firefox)

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    Yes Multiple Y-axis is on our roadmap. And will be released in September.

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    Thanks for reporting. We will look into the issue and get back to you at the earliest.

    The issue is with the css-styling. Instead of using float:left, you can use display: inline-block. Check this example.

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    We’ve fixed this issue in the latest build. Please, do download the latest version and let us know your feedback.

    Whenever you move finger / pointer on the chart, the chart has to know if you are trying to scroll or interact with the chart. Hence we have implemented a behavior where if you hold the finger for a while on the chart, it captures the event and doesn’t scroll. On the other hand, if you move pointer / finger quickly without pausing, it allows you to scroll. Can you try as mentioned above and let us know?

    Also, can you please let us know your Device Model, OS, and Browser Version?

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    Kindly refer this page to know step-by-step approach to create dynamic charts. If that doesn’t help, kindly create jsfiddle with the issue, so that we can look into it and help you out.

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    You can hide/unhide dataSeries based on click of legends, check this page.

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    When you have multiple charts in a page, there will be multiple childElement (zoom/pan buttons). So automatically clicking all childElement will solve the issue.

    var parentElement = document.getElementsByClassName("canvasjs-chart-toolbar");
    var childElement = document.getElementsByTagName("button");
    for(var i=0;i<childElement.length;i++){
      if(childElement[i].getAttribute("state") === "pan"){

    Here is updated example.

    in reply to: How can I use PHP MySQL Dynamic data #11745

    Yes, its possible to update data for every ‘n’ seconds (10seconds in your case). Initially you can render chart with first set of data from an external JSON or the data received from the php service. And while updating you can fetch data from new source where new set of data is present and re-render the chart with new set of data. Here is an example.

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    Here is an example to get chart data from external json.

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    It seems that the ArrayList you are storing is not string and result (2016-08-04 = 2004) is calculated at that instance and stored. Storing string within the array-list would solve the issue.

    If your arraylist looks like al4 = [2016-07-25, 2016-07-26, 2016-08-01, 2016-08-02, 2016-08-03, 2016-08-04, 2016-08-05, 2016-08-08, 2016-08-09, 2016-08-10]; changing it to al4 = ["2016-07-25", "2016-07-26", "2016-08-01", "2016-08-02", "2016-08-03", "2016-08-04", "2016-08-05", "2016-08-08", "2016-08-09", "2016-08-10"]; would solve the issue.

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    We observe that the array you are passing for labels are numbers and not string. If you like to display it as 2016-08-04 in label, store it as a string(“2016-08-04”). As its not a string, its considered as number and the result of 2016-08-04(2004) as been considered and assigned to label.

    Change the array to [“2016-07-25”, “2016-07-26”, “2016-08-01”, “2016-08-02”, “2016-08-03”, “2016-08-04”, “2016-08-05”, “2016-08-08”, “2016-08-09”, “2016-08-10”]. And it works fine.

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    In that case I would suggest filtering dataPoints to something below 10K because column charts are not meant to handle such large Data Sets. In any case when you have large number of dataPoints, columns will overlap and only a few (equal to number of pixels horizontally) of them would be visible. So you can filter them initially and then add more dataPoints when user zooms into a region using rangeChanging. Here is an example.

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