Today we are releasing CanvasJS Chart v3.2 & StockChart v1.2 GA with a few features & bug fixes. Below is a summary of this release.


StockChart Release Update

CanvasJS JavaScript StockChart RangeSelector Navigator


Bug Fixes

  1. On iOS devices, slider & handles were getting highlighted on tapping it.
  2. Text within Inputfields were not getting aligned to center.
  3. In few cases, error was thrown when you try to pan after setting range of slider programmatically.
  4. In some cases, Range Events (rangeChanging & rangeChanged) were getting fired even when range is not updated.


Thanks to markyp82 for reporting Bug #3 & Bug #4.


Do download the latest version from our download page and let us know your feedback.

Thank You,
Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS