Today we are releasing CanvasJS Chart v3.8.11 & StockChart v1.8.11 GA with a few bug fixes related to axis labels, stripline labels, StockChart height, etc. Below is a summary of this release.


Chart Release Update


Axis Stripline with Label


Bug Fixes

  1. In some instances, when the labelAngle is positive, the axisY2 labels were not aligning correctly with the ticks.
  2. At specific label angles, both axis & stripline labels were partially entering the plot-area even though the labelPlacement was set to outside.
  3. At specific label angles, the axis labels were partially extending outside the plot-area even though the labelPlacement was set to inside.
  4. Error was thrown when reset button was clicked, if the chart was created using StockChart script.


StockChart Release Update


Dynamic StockChart


Bug Fixes

  1. The auto-calculated height of the StockChart was incorrect when inputFields was disabled.
  2. In some cases, labels of inputFields were being clipped when style.maxWidth was set.
  3. In dynamic charts, the maximum value of the slider was not updating correctly when either the rangeSelector or inputFields were disabled.


Do download the latest version from our download page and let us know your feedback.

Thank You,
Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS