Today we are releasing CanvasJS Chart v3.8.8 & StockChart v1.8.8 GA with a few bug fixes related to legend, startValue, endValue, selectedRangeButtonIndex, etc. Below is a summary of this release.


Chart Release Update


Pyramid Chart with Legends


Bug Fixes

  1. Default values of showInLegend & legendText were returned as null when accessed via get method.


StockChart Release Update


StockChart with Selected Rangebutton


Bug Fixes

  1. The startValue and endValue of inputFields were being overridden by the selectedRangeButtonIndex.
  2. Setting the selectedRangeButtonIndex was not working after modifying the range using mouse interaction (moving the slider, changing inputFields, or clicking on any range button).
  3. Setting startValue and endValue were not working after modifying the range using the slider.
  4. The RangeButton was getting highlighted upon re-rendering the StockChart after adjusting the range using the slider or inputfields.
  5. Slider outline was not drawn properly when outline was inverted. This was observable only when outlineThickness was set to a larger value.


Do download the latest version from our download page and let us know your feedback.

Thank You,
Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS