Last week we published CanvasJS JavaScript & React packages on NPM registry. Today, we have added CanvasJS Angular Chart & StockChart packages to NPM registry. Now, you can add our Angular chart & stockchart packages to your Angular app via NPM.


Angular Chart Types


You can add CanvasJS Angular Charts by running ‘npm install @canvasjs/angular-charts‘ & CanvasJS Angular StockCharts by running ‘npm install @canvasjs/angular-stockcharts‘ commands. Once it’s installed, you can start adding Chart or StockChart to your application. Please check out our documentation for step-to-step guide on installing & adding Angular Charts & Angular StockCharts to your webpage / application. Please find the links to NPM packages below.


Let us know your feedback about our new Angular packages.

Thank You,
Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS