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  • in reply to: Chart in div hidden #34128

    How do you get a reference to the already created chart in this case to call the render method?

    in reply to: Remove all paddings and margins #34125

    That doesn’t seem to get rid of all the padding on the right hand side.

    in reply to: How to remove padding from 'stackedbar'? #34124

    Was a way ever added to control padding of the chart area? i have the same issue, where i need to remove extra right-hand padding so the graph aligns with external columns.

    in reply to: newline in labels #34098

    Bummer, especially for column charts the ability to control this visual aspect would be nice.
    I can’t use labelMaxWidth because its globally set on Axis (doesn’t work on dataPoints individually) and different dataPoints have different text lengths.

    in reply to: Is this layout possible? #34097

    Yes it is, was able to make it work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)