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    Thats ok. I’ll keep using Canvas for my main charts.
    For 3-d i will have to use an alternative package. Do you have a suggestion?


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    Hi Sunil,

    This is what i looked for. Thanks


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    Hi Sunil

    It’s solved


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    Dear Sunil,

    The null-values in the line works as I wish. However a box appears around my charts with null-values.
    I can’t reproduce them in your examples.

    When testing in my charts, I found that the first chartline whith a userdefined color defines the color of the box.
    You can see the box in

    How can I disable the box?

    For the record: The visible-event works great.

    With kind regards,


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    Sunil Urs,

    What’s the planning for mentioned page?

    with kind regards,


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    0 Should be January
    4 Should be may
    12 should be the month after december. Depending on how strict you are on years it’s January or ???

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    Hi Sunil,

    The current – not rendering and connecting the previous and the the next – is not what i want here. That is why i put 0-values in the chart to have an indication (and so cannot distinguish between 0 en NULL).

    Yes, I’d like the line to break, no connection, if a NULL occurs. Or a connection but invisible.


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    This happens also on my Chrome.
    but only after a few minutes


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    in reply to: 1.3 Beta #5151


    Here is the webpage. It uses 1.3 Beta now. Tomorrow I’ll swith back to 1.2
    Strange thing is: when I click on a slice in doughnut one or two something happens in dougnut three


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    in reply to: How can I use PHP MySQL Dynamic data #4641

    I just use .php .
    After connecting to the database i do something like:

    mysql_select_db($database_DBconnect, $DBconnect);
    $query_rsHistWKK = “SELECT * FROM table”;
    $rsHistWKK = mysql_query($query_rsHistWKK, $DBconnect) or die(mysql_error());
    $row_rsHistWKK = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsHistWKK);
    $totalRows_rsHistWKK = mysql_num_rows($rsHistWKK);

    $Grolleman_op = ”;
    $Grolleman_af = ”;
    $x = 0;
    $komma = “, “;
    do {
    $x = $x+1;
    $datum = strtotime( $row_rsHistWKK[‘DatumTijd’] );

    $jaar = date(“Y”, $datum );
    $maand = date(“m”, $datum );
    $maand = $maand -1 ; // in Javascript is de waarde van een maand 1 lager dan in php
    $maandtekst = date(“F”, $datum );
    $dag = date(“j”, $datum );
    $dagsoort = date(“l”, $datum );
    $uur = date(“G”, $datum );
    $minuut = date(“i”, $datum );
    $seconde = date(“s”, $datum );
    $grollemanop = 1900- $row_rsHistWKK[‘Grolleman_Trafo1’]- $row_rsHistWKK[‘Grolleman_Trafo2’];
    $grollemanaf = $row_rsHistWKK[‘Grolleman_kW_af’];
    $grolleman_max = max($grolleman_max,$grollemanop,$grollemanaf);
    $grolleman_min = min($grolleman_min,$grollemanop,$grollemanaf);
    $Grolleman_op = $Grolleman_op.” { x: new Date(“.$jaar.$komma.$maand.$komma.$dag.$komma.$uur.$komma.$minuut.$komma.$seconde.”), y: “.$grollemanop.”},”;
    $Grolleman_af = $Grolleman_af.” { x: new Date(“.$jaar.$komma.$maand.$komma.$dag.$komma.$uur.$komma.$minuut.$komma.$seconde.”), y: “.$grollemanaf.”},”;

    } while ($row_rsHistWKK = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsHistWKK))

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    My mistake. I was cleaning my website of old pages. This one however was not ment to be deleted
    The page is up again

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    i didnt see mu link: here is another try

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    Dear Sunil,

    see link for a visual of the issue.
    I adjusted one value to make the issue more Obvious. Its data point 2013-05-31 23:59:30 canged from 0 -> 80

    I don’t know much about jason. Is the data is in the example enough?

    with kind regards


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