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    I would like to use NULL-values in mij linecharts.
    The NULL value should not be visible as a line.
    Is this already possible, can you make it or do you know a workaround?

    Up till now I use 0 instead of NULL and so I can’t see the difference in the chart




    As of now data points are not rendered when their values are null. In case of line chart it just ignores the data point and continues – so the line is drawn form the previous data point to the next on. Did you mean to say the line should break (or should not connect) at places where dataPoints have NULL value??



    Hi Sunil,

    The current – not rendering and connecting the previous and the the next – is not what i want here. That is why i put 0-values in the chart to have an indication (and so cannot distinguish between 0 en NULL).

    Yes, I’d like the line to break, no connection, if a NULL occurs. Or a connection but invisible.




    As of now this feature is not available. But am considering to implement the same. Let me study the requirements and get back to you in a day with a timeline.



    Hello Sunil,

    This feature would be very much appreciated. Any more thought on whether you
    are going to implement it or not?




    This feature is being implemented in the next version. You can expect it in 2-3 weeks.



    Hi Sunil,

    Thanks for an excellent product.

    I also need the ability to show breaks in a line chart when null values are plotted. Please let me know when this feature is implemented.

    Thank you!


    Dear Sunil,

    The null-values in the line works as I wish. However a box appears around my charts with null-values.
    I can’t reproduce them in your examples.

    When testing in my charts, I found that the first chartline whith a userdefined color defines the color of the box.
    You can see the box in http://www.kostennetaansluiting.nl/TenneT.php.

    How can I disable the box?

    For the record: The visible-event works great.

    With kind regards,


    • This reply was modified 10 years, 5 months ago by timverbruggen.


    That was actually a bug and I’ve fixed the same. Please download the latest version from the download page and let me know if its working fine.

    Thanks for reporting the bug.

    Sunil Urs


    Hi Sunil

    It’s solved


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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