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Chart is not vIsible in Google Chrome

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    Most of time Canvas charts are not display properly in Google chrome (vs. 29.0.1547.62 m)

    Please find the following snapshots for more details –

    Charts are not show up in Chrome

    And Chart URL is is –

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    I’ve exactly the same version of Chrome and its working fine. Can you please tell me which OS you have?.. Also try disabling your plugins (or in incognito) and see if it works fine.


    I have checked it in incognito, and it works, however in Google chrome some this it works, sometime it not. Have you any idea, why this problem occurred?


    Also I’m using Windows 7 OS


    I am experiencing the same issue – Win 8 / Chrome 29.0.1547.62

    The problem is recurring intermittently. Most of the times charts are rendered correctly & are visible, however, every once in a while (say 10-15% of times) I am hitting this issue.


    Earlier once I had come across similar issue (intermittent) because of some buggy plugin. Can you disable your plugins one by one and figure which one is causing the issue? Also do try in other browsers and see if you have the same issue.


    Thanks for the quick response Sunil. Checked with other browsers – no issues there. As a matter of fact there were no issues with older version of Chrome. This problem has been happening since I updated to Chrome 29.

    We are actually evaluating CanvasJS in our environment (plan is to purchase a license within next month). For evaluation we have created a few charts with CanvasJS; things were going on smoothly with older version of Chrome (& other browsers), however, since last week or so everybody who is involved in evaluation is experiencing this problem. Again please note that this is intermittent. Could this potentially be a problem in integration with latest Chrome builds?



    I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue on my system (Win 8) but haven’t been able to. Let me test it on Windows 7. By doing a quick search on Google I found out that others are facing similar issues on Chrome 29 – I tried & even this issue doesn’t seem to exist in incognito mode. Also, it has been fixed in Chrome 30 it seems. Anyway, I’ll try reproducing this issue on other OS and fix the problem at the earliest.

    Does your system have Nvidia graphics cards??


    I can also confirm this bug, sometimes it happens sometimes it works, however when the graphs aren’t visible if you mouseover them the tooltip shows with the correct values.

    I am using windows 7 professional (64bit), Chrome Version 29.0.1547.57 m, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580.

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    Here’s a screenshot screenshot


    Canvas js performance test
    It happened again and this time on the canvasjs performance test page.


    Thanks again for quick response Sunil.

    >> “Does your system have Nvidia graphics cards??”

    No. My system has AMD Radeon



    This happens also on my Chrome.
    but only after a few minutes




    The issue has been confirmed to be a Bug in Chrome 29 and it has already been patched two days ago – and am expecting an update soon. The bug is causing problems in Google Apps also it seems.

    The issue is linked to some Race Condition – which is why the bug is intermittent. Also, it happens only when the canvas is GPU accelerated.

    , @himanshu, @patsy-issa: Thank you very much for reporting the issue. For development you might want to switch to the beta channel of Chrome 30 till they push an update.

    Sunil Urs

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    Thanks for the follow-up Sunil; appreciate quick response

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