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How to make multi spline chart from specified columns of CSV

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    Dear All,

    I Would like to create multi spline chart for my web site.
    I want to make chart from .csv files which updates every 5 minutes.
    I sent it to my website via FTP.
    I am new to Html.

    Here is my csv example.

    I’ve tried how to chart from csv file but I cannot really make it work.

    The Point is that I would like to create Time Vs T1,T2,T3,T3,T4,..,T10 chart.
    Batt & PTemp would be neglected.
    In my csv T9 & T10 are zero (0).

    Any help would be appreciated.


    3/3/2018 14:40:00,12.38,28.16,25.61,26.02,26.24,27.37,26.4,27.74,25.91,25.96,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:41:00,12.37,28.16,25.68,26.19,26.32,27.39,26.58,27.9,26.09,26.13,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:42:00,12.36,28.16,25.58,26.14,26.3,27.42,26.6,27.87,25.96,26,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:43:00,12.39,28.16,25.68,26.27,26.36,27.37,26.65,27.86,26.1,26.16,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:44:00,12.4,28.16,25.58,26.05,26.46,27.43,26.57,27.74,25.93,25.98,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:45:00,12.38,28.15,25.58,26.12,26.58,27.41,26.49,27.8,25.93,25.99,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:46:00,12.4,28.15,25.6,26.07,26.64,27.47,26.49,27.87,25.88,25.91,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:47:00,12.38,28.15,25.6,26.1,26.63,27.42,26.51,27.84,25.93,25.95,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:48:00,12.39,28.16,25.65,26.21,26.65,27.51,26.55,27.87,26.05,26.04,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:49:00,12.38,28.17,25.66,26.31,26.72,27.52,26.49,27.86,26.14,26.19,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:50:00,12.39,28.17,25.88,26.51,26.79,27.55,26.57,27.88,26.33,26.38,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:51:00,12.38,28.18,25.61,26.23,26.65,27.51,26.5,27.86,26.04,26.06,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:52:00,12.39,28.18,25.63,26.08,26.64,27.56,26.49,27.82,25.96,25.95,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:53:00,12.39,28.19,25.55,25.91,26.64,27.57,26.42,27.84,25.8,25.82,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:54:00,12.39,28.19,25.81,26.32,26.8,27.62,26.57,27.81,26.22,26.24,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:55:00,12.39,28.19,25.62,26.07,26.74,27.56,26.52,27.9,25.94,25.93,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:56:00,12.39,28.2,25.7,26.14,26.79,27.57,26.55,27.93,25.97,26,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:57:00,12.39,28.22,25.66,26.08,26.82,27.48,26.53,28,25.92,25.92,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:58:00,12.37,28.24,25.62,26.21,26.79,27.59,26.62,28.05,25.95,26,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 14:59:00,12.38,28.26,25.72,26.13,26.88,27.6,26.58,28.11,25.96,26,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 15:00:00,12.38,28.27,25.64,26.02,26.84,27.41,26.6,28,25.9,25.9,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 15:01:00,12.38,28.28,26.07,26.43,26.92,27.45,26.81,27.86,26.28,26.31,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 15:02:00,12.38,28.29,25.78,26.36,26.92,27.39,26.74,28.09,26.12,26.09,NAN,NAN
    3/3/2018 15:03:00,12.38,28.3,25.83,26.3,26.3,27.55,26.73,28.17,26.15,26.13,NAN,NAN

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    Please take a look at this jsfiddle.

    Indranil Deo,
    Team CanvasJS


    Dear Indranil Deo,

    Many Thanks for your help,

    It works like a charm.

    The only thing needed is that the chart is not smooth and it is very sharp to look.

    How do fix it to look like a basic line chart?

    Can you help me with that as I am new to html?

    Your help would be very appreciated.

    Aung Htet


    Dear Indranil Deo,

    After several modifications,

    My chart works flawlessly,

    The only thing needed is that the datas from y axis does not show as they were!

    They are rounded up.

    I would like to make them show as the digits they have.

    Your help would be very appreciated.

    With Many Thanks.

    Aung Htet



    Using parseFloat instead of parseInt should work fine in your case. Please take a look at this updated jsfiddle.

    Indranil Deo,
    Team CanvasJS


    Dear Mr Indranil Deo,

    Many Thanks for you kind help.

    You and Mr Sandeep solved my problem.

    Aung Htet


    Dear Mr Indranil Deo,

    How to make second chart based on 1st column as x axis and 2nd column as y axis?

    Your help would be very appreciated.

    Aung Htet



    Please take a look at this jsfiddle.

    Indranil Deo,
    Team CanvasJS


    Dear Indranil Deo,

    Long time no contact.

    This time I’ve some questions.

    That’s my site.


    I’d like to make my chart look like stock charts with data navigator capability like in this link!


    May I get an example?




    Range Selector and Navigator are part of StockChart, and not Chart. Using StockChart instead of Chart should fulfill your requirement.

    StockChart Elements

    Manoj Mohan
    Team CanvasJS

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