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  • Hi
    Thanks for your response,
    I have added fiddle please have a look

    in a change of dropdown if I add more than or at load also from starting it takes too long and chrome got out of memory to stoppage

    But it works smoother if I add datapoint up to a limit of only 7 graph not more than that

    to reproduce my error go to this fiddle I have only change x and y-axis value and no of datapoints is increased
    I got an error in the fiddle when loading more but locally it for less data also

    In fiddle, I don’t know why and how working for lesser also as in first fiddle but in my system and server not working even first fiddle, it’s not working or in server also I have paid version still having the same issue

    Working condition :
    Datapoints less than 7
    Not working:
    Datapoints greater than 8

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)