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  • Thanks, Vishwas,

    This is very helpful. Is there an event that I can trigger based on clicking one of the lines?


    Here is the JSFiddle I just created.

    As you can see, we want to be able to show all data points by clicking on that line (or trigger an event from outside of the chart area).

    And it will stay until the hide event triggered by either clicking on that line again or hide event triggered from the outside.

    Right now, using the marker syntax, I can show numbers(indexLabels) from two lines.

    Here is one major issue I am seeing so far.
    1. The 2nd line doesn’t show the markers.

    Questions/feature request
    1. Click the line will trigger the on/off event from the line itself and/or from events outside, is it possible? (need to support multiple lines showing the data)
    2. Can we use an icon rather than the default markers? Can we provide as many custom icons as we want to? (i.e. primeNg icons)

    in reply to: Can I create scroll bar for the legend div? #30852

    Thanks. It works!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)