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    Hi Adithya ,

    Thanks for the reply.

    One more question on the bubble chart of custom X value sequence arrangement, Please follow the link In this link you will see in 8 X value and 5 X value there is bubble overlapping, on mouse-over on overlapping bubbles we can see the two tooltips with different values And on 9 X value there is also overlapping but we can see only one tooltip, How to resolve this issues. ?


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    I have two types of data: one year and two years data, If i clicked on one year button it showed a proper bubble chart with bubble size and when i clicked on two years button, the bubble size was the same as it is one year data. As per calculation two years bubble should be bigger than one year bubble, How to resolve this issue? 

    Reference Link

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    @indranil deo ,

    Yes , i know we are provide identical values.Consider this scenario we have multiple company consider total revenue of particular month same(1000000) few company. how i will differentiate ? it will hide behind each other. how i will solve this issue. Thanks.

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