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    I’m here again! One of my teammates has been purchase the license but, currently we are developing some tools that needs the radar chart. Do you have any good news about this?

    Have a good day!

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    I’m talking about the Labels from the right “Others” “Filesharing” “Web browsing” “Real-time”

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    It happens to me when I resize the screen, but you can refresh your page to fix it.

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    What i do is:

    Create a Form with POST Method and a text area inside with style=”display:none;” to hidde it.

    <form action="/GetBase64Chart/" method="post" name="formToSendBase64" id="formToSendBase64">
        <textarea style="display:none;" id="txtareaBase64" name="txtareaBase64"> </textarea>

    and with JS i create a button to “Export” the Base64 to the backend. Then i get the base64 of the canvas chart and i passed it to the textarea value like in the next code…

    $("#exportButton").click(function () {
                    var canvas = $("#Chart .canvasjs-chart-canvas").get(0);
                    var dataURL = canvas.toDataURL();
                    document.getElementById("txtareaBase64").value = dataURL;
                    var form = document.getElementById("formToSendBase64");
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    It just works on Word. If you copy the chart you can just paste it on word :( NOT Excel NOT PowerPoint.

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    Hi! I re-code* a Js Fiddle with code from everywhere. I hope you can use it :)

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