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    Hi Team,

    When i try to zoom and export the same, i don’t get the zoomed chart.

    Do you have an option of zoom level by default.


    Hi Adish,

    We just tried to export the image for the zoomed area and it seems to be working fine. Here is the jsfiddle. In case this does not solve your problem please create a jsfiddle with the issue so that we can understand and help you out.


    Thanks Ashish for you reply.

    I would like to know if i can get the complete chart (all the data points) which is zoomed.



    Hello is there any parameter of the export function ? I would like to export picture that is much bigger that what is display on my screen. I have graph by date and it’s running on 2 years so to have over all picture on my screen I have set monthly axis but I would like to change axis to weekly when I export and get a large PNG file.
    Is it possible?



    In that case you’ll have to reset the chart zoom programmatically using viewportMinimum and viewportMaximum before exporting.

    Here is an example.

    In case you want to restore zoom level after exporting, you can use rangeChanging (when user zooms into an area) to store the selected range so that you can restore it back later.



    We have plans to implement API to export in future versions.

    But for now you can export it with a few lines of code as shown below.

    1. Export Chart on Click.
    2. Automatically Export Chart

    Hope this helps.


    Sunil, Thanks for your time and effort and appreciate you and your team for prompt and quick response.

    I think i have not posted my question correctly.

    Is it possible, if i zoom my chart and export (PNG, JPEG) it, i need my exported image to be zoomed with all the data points.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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