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Need true animation

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    I’m evaluating CanvasJS. Please see this page with graphs made with Apex Charts and CanvasJS. Use the left slider to change Normal Media Memes Lifetime. You will see animation on the left and none on the right, except a low paint at startup. Once the focus is on the slider, you can also hit the “h” key to more quickly repeat the simulation and update the two graphs.

    Apex Charts has true animation, CanvasJS does not. This topic deals with the problem and says “Chart animates only on the first render.” This was 4 years ago.

    As you can see, true animation makes dynamic change to a graph much more engaging. It’s what serious users of graphs expect these days.

    Is it possible for CanvasJS to provide true animation? Thanks.



    Chart animates only on the first render, as of now. Due to which, the type of animation that you are looking is not available as an in-built feature, currently.

    Adithya Menon
    Team CanvasJS


    Thanks for explaining. CanvasJS is so well designed that I’m going to go with it. Good luck!


    Great product! I downloaded the paid version and noticed I’m getting these warnings:
    Element.setCapture() is deprecated. Use Element.setPointerCapture() instead. canvasjs.min.js:259:377
    Element.releaseCapture() is deprecated. Use Element.releasePointerCapture() instead. canvasjs.min.js:257:431



    Thank you for reporting the use-case. This warning message appears to be specific to Firefox and is not currently appearing on other browsers such as Chrome, Edge, etc. Rest assured; we will be looking into this in the future versions.

    Adithya Menon
    Team CanvasJS


    Thanks for your explanation. Good news, the warnings went away. Don’t know when, but it might be related to a new browser session.

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