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    I have a question regarding the license that I want to apply in my student
    We are a group of students studying at Institute for Geoinformatics in
    Muenster University, Germany. In our course project we are creating web
    application vizualizing open linked data about Muenster household statistics
    and we use Canvas.js library for creating charts. One of the goals of the
    course is to distribute our code under proper license. We would like to use
    Apache 2.0 license for our code, so is it possible to use this license
    provided we use Canvas.js or are we obliged to use CC BY-NC license? We did
    not make any changes to intial Canvas.js source code, attribution link is
    displayed at the bottom of all the charts.

    Thank you,


    You can combine work / code under other license types with Apache 2.0 by including a Notice File in the root of your project mentioning sections of code/work and their license type. So below is what you can do in order to use CanvasJS in your project.

    1. Add a Notice File in the root of your project and mention that CanvasJS is under “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License” and include the license content (in text format) from here.
    2. Include only the binary version (minified version – canvasjs.min.js) of CanvasJS in your project.

    Refer to these links for more information.




    Sunil Urs


    Hi Sunil, thank you for your response. One more question from my side. Does it influence the license if I do not include binary in my code, but provide a link to it?
    Thank you,


    Hi Sunil, actually I’ve came up with one more question. While working with licenses for another libraries it turned out that we have GPL3 licenced one. And as I understand we should distribute our code under this license now. So the question is can we somehow use canvas.js and distribute our code under GPL3 license?
    Thank you,

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