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    What is the best way to ensure that the charts will render on the IE browsers (7,8,9)

    I am figuring it’s going to be a bit of a challenge since HTML5 is not really implemented that well on IE at all, especially 7,8…



    CanvasJS works on IE9 as of now. Support for IE7 & 8 via FlashCanvas is in the works. As of now I’ve a working prototype. You should be seeing it within a couple of weeks… :-)


    I’ve just released version 1.3 that supports IE6+… Do have a look and let me know your feedback.. :)


    The mousemove event that controls the tooltips is not firing on IE8. I can render doughnuts charts with animations properly, but the tooltips remains stopped. :/
    Is that expected?


    Tool Tip should be shown in IE6+. I just tried doughnut and it worked fine on IE8. Can you please help me reproduce the issue? A sample code that reproduce the issue should help.

    Also can you try this doughnut and let me know if it worked.


    Yes, your example works.
    I am doing lots of small changes to fit the design and clients needs (I’ve bought the Single Website license). Probably I broke something. I will dig it further. Is there any special handler for mousemove on IE that I should check?


    Are you getting any error? If you can reduce the HTML to minimum possible lines such that it reproduce the issue, I can probably have a look and figure out the problem.


    No errors.
    This would be great.
    I cant post the link here, I just sent you an email at info@canvasjs.com.



    Hi guys,


    This example does not work for me in Internet Explorer 11 with Developer Console, Emulation IE7 and IE8.
    (9, 10, 11 are fine)

    Could you confirm it?

    Kind Regards

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    We are unable to reproduce the issue at our end. Please refer the screenshot below.
    CanvasJS emulated in IE7

    And the best way to test in IE8 is using IE8 virtual machine.

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