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    I’m using a CanvasJS chart on a site with a responsive design and the chart fills the entire width when browsing the site with a smart phone.

    Due to touch events being registered when trying to it’s not possible to scroll past the chart.

    Is there a way to disable touch support for touch devices?


    I did a brute force attempt to unbind events with

    $('canvas').unbind('touchstart touchmove touchend mouseenter mouseleave click mousedown mouseup');

    But no success.



    I’ve come across this issue in the past. Disable touch events is one way to fix the issue. But am not sure if that the right way to go. As of now am busy with v1.3 GA release. Have added this to v1.3.1 – might take around two weeks. But I’ll try to give you an intermediate build before that time.

    Sunil Urs


    Thanks for your response. If I understand you correctly, there will be a way of disabling the touch feature when initializing the chart?


    I’ll figure out a way to scroll past the chart – with or without an option to disable touch.


    I’m also running into this issue, I tried using jQuery / Modernizr to disable pointer events, but it didn’t work :(

    if (Modernizr.touch) {
    $(‘#chartContainer1’).css(‘pointer-events’, ‘none’);

    Did you manage to find a fix for this issue please?


    We are really sorry about the delay. We don’t have a solution yet. Will be taking this up on priority today and will get back with a timeline soon.

    Sunil Urs


    Here is an intermediate build that fixes the problem.

    Sunil Urs


    Awesome! Tested and can confirm it works on iPhone :)


    How do you disable touch?
    I have downloaded the intermediate build, but I can’t find an option for it. I have also tried the jquery examples above, but with no success (maybe because of my very limited jquery expierence). I am using Windows Phone 8.



    In this version disabling touch is still not available. But I’ve fixed a bug due to which scrolling through page was not possible by dragging on the chart. I’ll be adding option to disable interactivity in the 1.4 GA – by the end of next week.

    Sunil Urs

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    I’m using version 1.5.1 and having problems scrolling on a tablet.
    When touching a chart show’s the tooltip and cant scroll.



    I have found the option, interactivityEnabled.




    May I know which Tablet & Browser you were trying on?…. We’ve already fixed that issue. Now the behavior is that the pointer gets locked to chart only when the user touches and holds for a moment. But if you directly try to scroll up vertically without pausing, it should let you scroll.

    Sunil Urs


    I’m using Samsung Tab S 8.4 & Google Chrome.
    Only using interactivityEnabled=false I was able to scroll.

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