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1.I am unable to find the solution that when select the parameter’s from dropdown box it cant render individually i.e., when I change the parameter of 1st chart after that after that i used changed the parameter of rest of the charts .

You can bind id insted of class of the dropdown to detect the change in dropdown values and update the respective chart based on selected value of dropdown.

2. After that when parameter have been changed the synchronization of time will be miss match so that when i hover on chart it will show the data of that chart only rest of the chart data cannot be displayed on hovering.

Since you are using snapToDataPoint to true, the crosshair will be shown for nearest datapoint if datapoint is not present at the specified value. By setting snapToDataPoint to false seems to be working fine in your case.

Please take a look at this updated sample project for working code.

Synchronize chart in Django with data from JSON

Manoj Mohan
Team CanvasJS