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In case of line and area charts when you mouse hover on a specific series it gets highlighted. Hence, the toolTip is shown for the highlighted series based on the x-value of the nearest dataPoint to the mouse pointer position, even if, dataPoint of any other dataSeries are near to the cursor position. For example, if the series “Seatle” is highlighted then toolTip of the corresponding series would be shown based on the mouse pointer position to the nearest dataPoint. Please check the below screenshot for a reference –

tooltip shown for initially highlighted series

If the mouse pointer is shifted over a different series then the other series would be highlighted and toolTip for the other series would be shown. Please refer to the below screenshot for the same –

tooltip shown on other series when mouse pointer shifts

Based on the JSFiddle shared by you I would suggest you to use a shared toolTip.

Indranil Deo
Team CanvasJS