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* It is very difficult to click legend labels on a phone to toggle them (Galaxy S7 Edge). It works fine on PC, but only works on phone if I tap over and over and happen to hit the right spot.

Legends in mobile devices are small and depends on the chart size. It depends whether you clicked on the legend or not. You can set legend fontSize to increase legend marker(which depends on dataSeries.markerSize).

* When two lines overlap (for example, both values equal 3 for a length of time), it shows the higher index line, but the tooltip shows the lower index lines value and marker. This may be as designed, and may actually be the correct way, so you can see the data for the line underneath, but it was confusing; I was on the blue line but it was showing me values for the (invisible) red line.

Its as per design. You can use toolTip.shared to have a shared tooltip and to highlight all the markers at that point.

* The legend shows squares (but not circles) when the markers are not visible on the chart. If I put a lot of readings on one chart, the marker do not show on the chart and the legend markers (in series 0-3) correctly show lines instead of circles, but series 4-5 are set to square and they still show as squares in the legend.

Can you please create a jsfiddle for this?

* It sometimes counts a reading off the left edge of the canvas in the viewportMinumum when zooming. This makes it hard to reliably put the displayed date range in a subtitle.

Can you kindly brief more about this or create a jsfiddle.

* This locks up in chart.render() and I have to restart browser:
minimum: new Date(2016, 10,23)
maximum: new Date(2016, 10,24)
interval: 10

intervalType is ‘number’ by default. When you are using dateTime kindly set intervalType based on your requirement(minute or hour or month etc).

* Unused mouse/touch events don’t pass through on non-interactive areas. If there is a chart that takes up the whole phone screen, there is no way to scroll because the chart is apparently eating the events. Maybe I have missed something here.

Whenever you move finger / pointer on the chart, the chart has to know if you are trying to scroll or interact with the chart. Hence we have implemented a behavior where if you hold the finger for a while on the chart, it captures the event and doesn’t scroll. On the other hand, if you move pointer / finger quickly without pausing, it allows you to scroll. Can you try as mentioned above and let us know?

Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS