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  • in reply to: Typescript converts CanvaJS.Chart to undefined when building #35653

    I think I must be missing something: Doesn’t CanvasJS have official TypeScript type definitions anywhere? I see a seven-years-out-of-date community project on DefinitelyTyped, but nothing from CanvasJS and nothing up-to-date.

    If you really don’t have TypeScript definitions for the library yet, then frankly in 2021 you’re losing sales as a result. I was leaning toward CanvasJS vs. another charting lib but this is a big mark against CanvasJS, so please tell me I’m wrong before I make my recommendation to the client. Thanks.

    (I’ve downloaded the linked sample and don’t see any type definitions for the lib in it. Side note: You really shouldn’t include node_modules in zips like that.)

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