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    I have figured out the issue. My data is pulled from a database, and is ordered by timestamp, making the newest item first. If I reverse the order, so that the oldest data pulled is first, the issue is corrected. The chart didn’t have a problem interpreting reverse date order data normally, but it seems with the step line chart this is important! :)

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    Update: Switching from using .push to .unshift in my update code seems to have solved the problem. Even though in the source, both .push and .unshift were adding the items in the proper order, it seems the display wasn’t able to understand that. :)

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    It will try, however the link I used to our JSON API is not public, it is only available internally, so I’ll basically have to create a fake one. Will update when I can, though I can assure you the data is sorting 100% correctly after triple checking it, and the data appears correctly after it begins to update, in the correct place, etc. The issue is that the first time we add a new data point, instead of adding to end of the current line, it seems to only recognize the first point of the initial data points and draws directly from that starting point to the new data point.

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    Here is a pastebin of my code and the initial data we see upon loading the page.

    It doesn’t look like there is anything inconsistent, what appears to be happening is that when I add a new data point it renders from the very first point in the data set to the new one I pushed, which seems very odd.

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